When you think of a spot, you think of somewhere. Think about finding your own spot on the world wide web, and what you could do. Everyone wants one spot where they can locate all their information, and that’s the exact purpose of the thewebbspot.com. Originally created as a web page for members of the Webb family, finding your own spot, has never been so much fun. Find a spot where you can post, share, comment, create. My purpose is to simply, elegantly, and professionally create a spot, where all information that is linked to my family can be viewed, stored, and remembered. It is a Webb of memories, thoughts, and ideas: all together in one spot.

Target Audience

- Who: Male and Female around the age of 18-26 who are generally newlywed/going to college
-Education: Some College or completing college
-Income: around 50K who are willing to work hard and pay cheap
-Skills: Proficient in Mac Products and are seeking to learn more about them and what they can do. Love the benefits of being able to work from home, and organize things according to their needs. Interested in storing things of life on computer technology.
-Location: United States


Trent McClure
-Self Employed Realtor working his way in the market. Quit his job as a data analyst and wanted to spend more time with the family. 36 years old a graduate degree in exercise science. Known in the neighborhood as a friendly man who always cuts his yard every Thursday, and cleans the cars on Saturday. Family of 5 kids. He is stressed with how much he has to help out at home, but loves his family. He is interested in keeping everything in order for his wife so that she can have peace of mind with all the kids. “I do it all for them.”


Sadie Johnson
-Newlywed to a wonderful husband who loves to take pictures. They just had their first child together. She recently finished hair school, and they recently moved across country away from family so that her husband could go to a prestige school to study anesthesiology. She generally spends time with the child at home. She realizes that there are so many photos that they have and so much to keep track of. She wants to be able to find something that will keep everything in order for her. “I can do this.”



  1. How can I organize all my photos?
  2. I want to manage everything at once?
  3. How can I figure out where everything is?
  4. Why does everything have to be so different?
  5. Who uses this site?
  6. How does this site get paid?
  7. How to set up family sharing?
  8. Why recommend this site over other sites like Dropbox?
  9. How is this site organized?
  10. Is this site easy to use?
  11. How is this site set up?
  12. What does the format look like of the recipes page? 13. Whats so different about the music?

Content Architecture

How can I organize all my photos?

  • Preview (images) of photos
  • Images of Faces (images)
  • Geographical Located (interactive image)

I want to manage everything at once?

  • Convenience of everything in one place
  • Customize your web page
  • Ability to work with multiple projects

How can I figure out where everything is?

  • Site contains easy to use options
  • No use of going through multiple web pages
  • View of recent (text) to view
  • Videos (video) of first time navigators

Why does everything have to be so different?

  • To be able to make things simpler we use hover navigation
  • Clicking was a thing of the past

Why recommend this site over other sites like dropbox?

  • Easy to use navigation

How is this site set up?

  • Images and texts are simple and understandable
  • Simpleness of how to navigate web pages
  • Images (images) of views of folder/files
  • Calendar (interactive) to view notifications

What’s so different about the music?

  • Provide simple browser navigation
  • Simple and recent played list.
  • Made to shuffle

What does the format look like of the recipes page?

  • Image of (images) sample website
  • Explanation of Recipe Menu Board (text)
  • Video (video) of how to use Menu Board

How is this site organized?

  • Everything is put into a correct space
  • Consistent theme throughout every device
  • Very simple and yet dynamic

How to set up family sharing

  • Set up notifications and view family members information
  • Ability to view and share documents

Assets List

  • Home Page
  • Links
  • Images
  • Basic Info
  • Objects
  • Hyper-link's
  • Action Hyper-links
  • Graphical Representations
  • Management
  • Pictures
  • Documents
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Calendars
  • Notifications
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Explanation of Individual Spec

Site Map

Each of these pages will have be simple and easy to navigate through. Consistently there will be the same type of theme throughout all the pages. This will help the user be able to understand where he/she is and what they want to accomplish


Style Guide

Color Scheme



Item Font Size Color Type
Logo Haettenschweiler 24px 010101 Sans-Serif
Site Map 1 Haettenschweiler 18px EF3B39 Sans-Serif
Site Map 2 Haettenschweiler 18px F6EB16 Sans-Serif
Site Map 3 Haettenschweiler 18px 04B04F Sans-Serif
Site Map 4 Haettenschweiler 18px 1C71B9 Sans-Serif
Site Map 5 Haettenschweiler 18px 703A96 Sans-Serif
Site Map 6 Haettenschweiler 16px ED7D31 Sans-Serif
Nav Menu Haettenschweiler 30px FFFFFF Sans-Serif
Body Text Font 14px 010101 Sans-Serif
Borders N/A Size FFFFFF Sans-Serif
Footer Text Arial 12px FFFFFF Sans-Serif


Navigation, will simply be a simpler type of web-page. It will be a hierarchal website. You will navigate to each web-site and when you click over the section you want, it will automatically switch down a next section of possible selections. Fallback (create individual links if this feature is not supported). The simplicity of this web-site is to be able to navigate easily. You should be able to simply click and find which information you want on the site.
The site will be set up with links that are buttons that will allow navigation.


Responsive Sketches